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Outsource TypeScript Development Services

On-shore, outsourced custom TypeScript development services

Outsourced TypeScript developers for interactive and responsive web pages and server-side development. Quickly scale your team by engaging reliable, on-shore TypeScript consultants with over 5+ years of experience.

Trust us for Outsourced TypeScript Web Development Services

We’re engineers (not recruiters) who understand that successful software development projects are agile ones. We are well-versed with TypeScript’s continuous integration and delivery toolset, ensuring seamless integration between development and operations.

Other reasons to partner with ProDev include:

All our outsourced TypeScript developers are on-shore, based out of the U.S. and Canada, making geographical and time-zone differences a non-issue.

Quickly and easily get the right type of staffing you need at each phase of your project. Finished with development? Swap for an Automated QA (SDET).

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your resources in the first 40 hours, you’re free to let them go, and we won’t charge you.

We provide a holistic solution to your TypeScript development needs: DevOps, Data Engineering, QA, Project Management, & UI/UX Design roles.

We offer bi-weekly invoicing and postpaid billing for most clients, ensuring pay-as-you-go flexibility. Plus, we include detailed timesheet reports.

We match your pace, but you drive the engagement with the control to order a zero-notice stand-down or termination.

TypeScript Development Services We Offer

Our TypeScipt developers are experienced professionals, skilled in creating interactive and responsive web applications. They possess a deep understanding of both front-end and back-end technologies, including TypeScript frameworks like React, Angular, and Node.js. They’re ready to step in and start contributing to your project immediately, no matter its complexity or stage, by transforming ideas into scalable and maintainable code.

Our TypeScript consulting services include:

Client-side Development

TypeScript is a cornerstone in client-side web development, empowering developers to create dynamic and interactive user interfaces. Operating directly within users’ browsers, TypeScript facilitates real-time updates, content manipulation, and seamless interactions, significantly enhancing the overall user experience. It is crucial for handling events like clicks and keystrokes, enabling responsive interfaces. Additionally, TypeScript is pivotal for form validation, ensuring accurate user input. With its role in animations, effects, and manipulating the Document Object Model (DOM), TypeScript remains instrumental in crafting engaging and user-friendly web applications. In addition to building web applications with vanilla TypeScript, ProDev has extensive experience working with all of the popular TypeScript front-end frameworks including:

  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue
  • Svelte

Data Engineering / Analytics

TypeScript, traditionally associated with client-side web development, has expanded its domain to include server-side development with the advent of technologies like Node.js and Deno. This server-side use of TypeScript brings the language’s versatility to backend operations, allowing developers to create scalable and efficient web applications using a unified language across both client and server.TypeScript’s asynchronous, event-driven nature is well-suited for handling concurrent connections and performing non-blocking I/O operations, leading to enhanced performance and responsiveness in server-side applications. Prodev has deep experience using many popular server-side TypeScript frameworks such as:

  • Express
  • Nest.js
  • Apollo Server
  • Fastify

Cloud Native Development

TypeScript is increasingly used in cloud-native development, offering a familiar language for scalable applications. With Node.js, developers can create microservices or serverless functions and deploy them seamlessly in cloud environments. TypeScript’s asynchronous nature aligns well with cloud architectures, enabling efficient handling of concurrent tasks. Its frameworks and serverless platforms allow rapid development and deployment of functions and services, fostering agility in cloud-native applications, whether for APIs, event-driven architectures, or microservices.

Outsourced TypeScript Development Services in 3 Ways

Whether you’re in the early stages of ideation or deep into the design process, our TypeScript developers are ready to support you. We offer three flexible engagement models:

JavaScript Staff Augmentation Services

Best when managing the project in-house and combining our resources with internal staff

Whether you need a single developer and/or need design support, we structured our staff augmentation services to make it easy to quickly and reliably expand your team temporarily. We’ll work with your project managers to get you Typescript development support and any Design, QA, DevOps, or other talent needed to bring your vision to life.


JavaScript Software Development Outsourcing

Best if you need project management support in addition to staff augmentation services

Do you only have a few (or zero) internal resources to support your project? When you partner with us for software development outsourcing, not only do you get access to a complete software development team, we’ll manage the entire project from start to finish.


Project Ideation and Product Design

Best if you’re not ready for development yet and need some help getting your project started

If you have an idea for an application built with TypeScript, but you need guidance getting it off the ground, let us support you with product ideation and design services. Once complete, you can take your TypeScript project and get development launched, or you can get started right away with staff that’s already familiar with your project.


Our 5-Step Process

Regardless of the engagement model you’re interested in, every ProDev partnership follows a 5-Step Process

Request a discovery call and we’ll schedule time to talk through your project, your goals, and your staff augmentation needs.

The Master Services Agreement lays a foundation for the relationship and enables the candidate-screening process – it in no way obligates you to continue nor is there any payment due at this stage.

We will match candidates to your needs and present them to you – or if you like we can just make what we think is the best assignment and proceed.

Once the team is defined, one resource or several, we capture the team details and effort scope in an SOW. This simple and short document attaches to the MSA and we can add SOW’s downstream as needed.

Next up is a kickoff call and then the magic starts to happen. We absolutely do not simply throw bodies over the wall – we stay engaged closely with you as the work proceeds through regular communication and reporting. You get to see and test deliverables as they evolve.

Common Questions About TypeScript Development Services

For clients looking to build their TypeScript development team over time, we are open to conversion conversations after a resource has been engaged for at least one year.

Good TypeScript developers are busy developers, so it might take us up to 1-2 weeks to present candidates; that said, we work in a dynamic landscape and sometimes we can deploy within a few days.

Our TypeScript developers remotely telecommute, but typically they are willing to meet in person to launch an engagement and to participate in periodic on-site reviews.

Yes, our TypeScript developers will adopt a schedule friendly to your teams and offices.

In addition to other types of Software Development Services, we can staff UI/UX, Project Management, DevOps, and QA positions.

You’ve Come to the Right Place

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