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DevOps Consulting Services

Outsourced DevOps consulting services, that help streamline software promotion and testing, and accelerate the delivery of secure, scalable, high-performing software.

Senior, On Shore DevOps Engineers

Our skilled, onshore DevOps consultants and engineers are committed to making the software development process both faster and more efficient. They’ll assist you in strategically utilizing automated and integrated development, testing, and deployment processes to reduce time-to-market.

DevOps Consulting & Engineering Services

Our DevOps consultants and engineers strategize and implement everything from continuous integration pipelines to complex cloud infrastructures. Partnering with us for DevOps advisory and implementation services ensures you receive engineers who have the experience needed to build innovative, efficient, and durable solutions. Whether it’s building out your AWS infrastructure with Terraform, streamlining your CI/CD pipelines in GitHub Actions, or managing Kubernetes clusters our engineers have you covered.

Supporting Software Development Teams

DevOps plays a crucial role in supporting software development teams by fostering a culture of collaboration, automation, and continuous improvement throughout the software development lifecycle. DevOps practices seamlessly integrate development and operations, breaking down traditional silos and promoting shared responsibilities. Automation of processes, including continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), ensures rapid and reliable software releases, reducing manual errors and accelerating time-to-market. Additionally, DevOps practices emphasize monitoring and feedback loops, enabling teams to identify issues early in the development cycle and respond swiftly

Implementing and Managing Infrastructure

ProDev DevOps services, an amalgamation of development and operations practices, fundamentally transform how infrastructure is implemented and managed within an organization. In the traditional model, development and operations teams often worked in silos, leading to inefficiencies and communication gaps. Our DevOps consultants bridge this divide, promoting collaboration and continuous integration between these two essential functions. Implementing and managing infrastructure in a DevOps environment involves the use of automation tools, version control systems, and collaborative practices. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a key concept, that allows developers to define and provision infrastructure using code, ensuring consistency and reproducibility.

Observability and Cloud Native Environments

Observability in cloud-native environments represents a paradigm shift in monitoring and understanding the intricacies of complex, dynamic systems. In traditional setups, observing and troubleshooting applications and infrastructure was often a reactive process. However, cloud-native DevOps observability is a proactive and holistic approach, emphasizing real-time insights into system behaviors. It involves the collection, analysis, and visualization of data from various sources such as logs, metrics, and traces. Cloud-native environments leverage containerization, microservices, and orchestration tools like Kubernetes, which can increase system complexity. DevOps observability enables teams to gain a comprehensive understanding of application performance, detect anomalies, and troubleshoot issues promptly. It empowers organizations to respond rapidly to changes, enhance system reliability, and optimize performance.

Why Choose ProDev to Source DevOps Engineers

We know how to choose DevOps engineers because we are engineers. When you partner with us, you gain access to a highly skilled network of professionals, plus a few other assurances.

Our on-shore DevOps consultants and engineers are located in the United States and Canada, ensuring seamless communication and unmatched reliability.

Quickly and easily get the right type of staffing you need at each phase of your project. Finished with DevOps? Swap for QA/Testing resources instead.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your DevOps engineer, or any resource, within the first 40 hours, say goodbye and you won’t be charged a dime.

Get access to more than DevOps talent. We staff for Full-Stack, Front-End, Back-End, Data Engineering, Q/A, Project Management, UI/UX Design, and Business Analyst positions too.

We’ll match your pace, but you’ll drive the engagement. You have the control to order a zero-notice stand-down or termination if you’re unsatisfied.

We offer bi-weekly invoicing and postpaid billing for most clients, ensuring pay-as-you-go flexibility. Plus, we include detailed timesheet reports.

Engage DevOps Engineers and Consultants in 3 Ways

DevOps Staff Augmentation Services

Best when managing the project in-house and combining our resources with internal staff.

Staff augmentation lets you quickly and reliably expand your team temporarily with DevOps consulting services. Whether you need a single end-to-end developer or ten, we’ve got you covered.


DevOps Software Development Outsourcing

Best if you need project management support in addition to staff augmentation services.

Not only can we staff you with DevOps consultants and engineers, but we can provide you with an end-to-end software development team complete with a dedicated project manager.


Project Ideation & Product Design

Best if you’re not ready for development yet and need help getting your project started.

Let our consultants guide you through your ideation and design phases. Afterwards, launch development independently, or get started right away with staff familiar with your project.


You’ve Come to the Right Place

Let’s have a conversation about your software consulting and staffing needs today.