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Mobile App Development Services

On-shore, outsourced Mobile app development services for expert guidance on building, optimizing, deploying, and maintaining Mobile applications

Outsource senior, on-shore Mobile app developers

Rapidly enhance your team’s capabilities by including our Mobile application developers, each bringing a minimum of 5 years of hands-on experience in driving Mobile application development.

Our Mobile App Development Services

Our Mobile app developers work on a wide array of projects that span various industries and functionalities. ProDev Mobile engineers and consultants leverage their expertise in mobile technologies (iOS and Android), industry best practices, and technology trends like Xamarin to assist clients in making informed decisions throughout the development lifecycle. Our Mobile app consulting services cover:

UI/UX Design

Mobile app development often begins with a compelling idea. Whether it’s solving a problem, meeting a need, or enhancing user experiences, the concept sets the foundation. In this phase, developers, product managers, and designers collaborate to define the app’s purpose, target, and audience. Market research, user workflows, and wireframes contribute to the blueprint that will guide development. Once a concept is solidified, mobile application designers craft visually appealing UI and UX details to ensure seamless navigation and satisfaction.

Native App Development

Native app development involves building applications specifically tailored for a particular mobile platform, such as iOS or Android. For iOS, developers typically use Swift or Objective-C, while Android development involves Java or Kotlin. The primary advantage of native app development lies in the seamless integration with the platform’s features and performance optimizations. This results in applications that offer a high level of responsiveness, smooth user experience, and access to platform-specific functions. ProDev mobile developers leverage the full potential of a device’s capabilities, including GPS, camera, push notifications, and other hardware features. While it requires separate codebases for each platform, native mobile app development is favored when performance, user experience, and platform-specific integration are critical considerations for success.

Cross Platform Applications

Building mobile applications that can run on multiple operating systems, such as iOS and Android, using a single codebase is advantageous when deployment processes and maintenance are key considerations. Frameworks like React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin enable experienced developers to use a common codebase while still delivering a native-like user experience. Cross-platform development aims to strike a balance between efficiency and maintaining the performance and look and feel associated with native apps. Our custom mobile app development services suggest this approach particularly when beneficial for businesses seeking broader market reach with a more cost-effective development approach.

Integration of APIs and Services

Proficiency in integrating a diverse array of APIs and third-party services is a cornerstone of ProDev’s approach to Mobile app development. Leveraging platforms like Firebase, Google Maps, and various payment gateways, they extend a Mobile app’s functionalities beyond the conventional, enriching user experiences and ensuring comprehensive solutions that cater precisely to client needs. Because we work with experienced, senior-level developers we have deep experience integrating a wide variety of video APIs and services in a performant manner.

Post-Launch Optimization

Product development is never finished; it must evolve. Post-launch, developers familiar with your business and codebase can monitor user feedback, analyze app performance, and implement updates based on user needs and technological advancements. Regular enhancement Sprints ensure the app remains compatible with new devices, operating system updates, and user expectations.

Trust Us to Provide You With Custom App Development

We are engineers (not recruiters) who specialize in connecting you with top-notch Mobile app development talent. Our developers consistently deliver high-quality, user-centric applications across various domains and their expertise spans the entire app development lifecycle, from conceptualization to design, implementation, testing, and deployment.

Our team of on-shore Mobile development consultants and engineers are located in the United States and Canada, ensuring seamless communication and unmatched reliability.

Effortlessly secure the specific talent you require at each stage of your project. Done with your app development? Swap for Design resources to get started on the next phase.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your Mobile development consultant, or any resource, within the first 40 hours, let them go and we won’t charge you a cent.

Get access to more than just application development talent. We staff for DevOps, Data Engineering, Q/A, Project Management, UI/UX Design, and Business Analyst positions too.

We match your pace, but you drive the engagement with the control to order a zero-notice stand-down or termination.

We invoice bi-weekly, with detailed timesheet reports for each resource, giving you full visibility. Most clients qualify for pay-as-you-go and owe no money upfront.

Mobile App Development Services in 3 Ways

No matter where you are in your Mobile app project, we’re here to support you. Whether you require an individual specialist or a comprehensive team to drive complex Mobile app development, we provide three flexible engagement models at competitive prices to suit your needs.

Mobile App Staff Augmentation Services

Best when managing the project in-house and combining our resources with internal staff.

Whether you’re optimizing a current Mobile app or you are on a path to develop a new, full-scale application, our staff augmentation services enable rapid, reliable team expansion. We partner with your project leads, providing expert Mobile app consulting and additional specialized resources as needed to drive your project to success.


Mobile App Software Development Outsourcing

Best if you need project management support in addition to staff augmentation services.

Whether you’re optimizing a current Mobile app or you are on a path to develop a new, full-scale application, our staff augmentation services enable rapid, reliable team expansion. We partner with your project leads, providing expert Mobile app consulting and additional specialized resources as needed to drive your project to success.


Project Ideation & Product Design

Best if you’re not ready for development yet and need help getting your project started.

If you have an idea for a new Mobile app but need guidance on how to proceed, we’re here to help. Our designers can turn your concept into a rich, interactive mockup that accelerates development and avoids expensive development rework. Post-design and deployment, you can choose to drive development independently or leverage our Mobile app experts for further projects.


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