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Microservices Consulting

Outsourced, on-shore Microservices consulting services

Outsourced Microservices development provides a scalable and agile approach to building complex applications. Breaking down monolithic structures into smaller, independent services allows for increased flexibility, improved scalability, and faster development cycles. Our on-shore engineers will navigate the complexities of microservices application development and unlock the full potential of this architectural style.

Trust Us with Outsourced Microservices Consulting Services

As engineers (not recruiters), we have the background that’s needed to source the right team for your Microservices project or platform enhancement. We know exactly what’s involved to design, develop, and deploy applications, and we move fast —tapping into our network of full-stack developers with broad technical experience.

Other reasons to partner with ProDev include:

Our team of on-shore engineers and developers are located in the United States and Canada, ensuring seamless communication and unmatched reliability.

Get the right type of staffing you need at each phase of your project. Finished with your code refactoring? Swap for a Project Manager and move other efforts forward.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your engineer, developer, consultant, or any resource within the first 40 hours, let them go and we won’t charge you a cent.

Get access to more than just infrastructure management talent. We staff for Software Development, Data Engineering, Q/A, Project Management, UI/UX Design, and Business Analyst positions too.

We offer bi-weekly invoicing and postpaid billing for most clients, ensuring pay-as-you-go flexibility. Plus, we include detailed timesheet reports.

We match your pace, but you drive the engagement with the control to order a zero-notice stand-down or termination.

Common Strategies for Microservices Development

Microservice architectures involve breaking down large, monolithic applications into smaller, independent services that communicate through well-defined APIs. Each microservice handles a specific business capability, fostering modularity and maintainability. Microservices operate independently, allowing teams to develop, deploy, and scale each service autonomously. This decentralization of components promotes flexibility, making it easier to adapt to changing business requirements.

Our Microservices development services leverage a variety of tools, but are not limited to:

Express.js and Node.js

For JavaScript developers, Express.js and Node.js provide a lightweight and efficient platform for building microservices. Express.js is a web application framework for Node.js, offering a robust set of features for building scalable APIs.

Spring Boot

Spring Boot is a popular framework for building Java-based microservices. It simplifies the development of stand-alone, production-grade Spring-based applications, making it easier for developers to create microservices with minimal configuration.


NGINX is a high-performance web server and reverse proxy server that is commonly used in microservices architectures. It helps with load balancing, caching, and routing requests to different microservices, ensuring efficient communication.

Kubernetes and Docker

Kubernetes is a container orchestration platform that automates the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized microservices. It provides a resilient and scalable infrastructure for running microservices in production. Often paired with Docker, which adds a containerization platform that enables developers to package microservices along with their dependencies. This ensures consistency across different environments, making it easier to deploy and scale microservices in complex environments.

How Outsourced Infrastructure Management As Service Works

The tools mentioned above provide a robust foundation for developers to navigate the complexities of microservices and unlock the full potential of this architectural style. As organizations embrace the need for flexibility and rapid development cycles, our team is ready to help. Whether you need a single specialist or a full team, we offer flexible engagement models to meet your specific needs.

Staff Augmentation Services

Best when managing the project in-house and combining our resources with internal staff

Whether you’re looking to strictly include consultants in your efforts and/or need additional support, our staff augmentation services are designed to help you temporarily expand your team quickly and reliably. We’ll work with your project managers to get you Microservices development support plus any Development, QA, or other talent needed to take your project to the finish line.


Software Development Outsourcing

Best if you need project management support in addition to staff augmentation services

You may have limited or potentially no internal resources to assist with your infrastructure management project. When you partner with us for outsourced development services, not only do you get access to a complete software development team, we’ll manage the entire project from start to finish.


Project Ideation and Product Design

Best if you’re not ready for development yet and need some help getting your project started

If you have an idea for a project that uses Microservices, but you need guidance getting it off the ground, let us support you with product ideation and design services. Once complete, you can take your requirements and get development launched, or you can get started right away with Development staff that’s already familiar with your project.


Our 5-Step Process

Regardless of the engagement model you’re interested in, every ProDev partnership follows a 5-Step Process

Request a discovery call and we’ll schedule time to talk through your project, your goals, and your staff augmentation needs.

The Master Services Agreement lays a foundation for the relationship and enables the candidate-screening process – it in no way obligates you to continue nor is there any payment due at this stage.

We will match candidates to your needs and present them to you – or if you like we can just make what we think is the best assignment and proceed.

Once the team is defined, one resource or several, we capture the team details and effort scope in an SOW. This simple and short document attaches to the MSA and we can add SOW’s downstream as needed.

Next up is a kickoff call and then the magic starts to happen. We absolutely do not simply throw bodies over the wall – we stay engaged closely with you as the work proceeds through regular communication and reporting. You get to see and test deliverables as they evolve.

Common Questions About Microservices Management

For clients looking to build their infrastructure management team over time, we are open to conversion conversations after a resource has been engaged for at least one year.

Good developers are busy developers, so it might take us up to 1-2 weeks to present candidates; that said, we work in a dynamic landscape and sometimes we can deploy within a few days.

Our developers remotely telecommute, but typically they are willing to meet in person to launch an engagement and to participate in periodic on-site reviews.

es, our development consultants and infrastructure engineers will adopt a schedule friendly to your teams and offices.

In addition to infrastructure management, we can staff for Software Development Services, UI/UX, Project Management, DevOps, and QA positions.

You’ve Come to the Right Place

Let’s have a conversation about your software consulting and staffing needs today.