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Discover Success Stories: ProDev’s Impact Across Industries

Explore our collection of case studies to see how ProDev’s innovative solutions have driven transformation and growth for businesses across diverse sectors.

Startup Cybersecurity Firm

In 2023, ProDev demonstrated its proficiency in DevOps, SRE, and software development through a successful partnership with a burgeoning cybersecurity startup.

Our team expertly migrated the client’s legacy IaC framework to a more scalable solution, while also streamlining infrastructure and boosting developer efficiency. By transitioning legacy services to a microservice platform, we significantly improved system reliability and reduced the load on support teams. This strategic collaboration not only fortified the client’s operations but also enhanced their ability to protect digital assets.

With the engagement set to continue into 2024, ProDev’s commitment to delivering exceptional service is underscored by the client’s consideration to transition selected engineers into permanent roles.

Key Technologies Used

  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform
  • Flux
  • Helm
  • Typescript
  • Prometheus Stack
  • AWS

Key Technologies Used

  • .NET
  • React
  • Python

Investment Management Team

In 2021, an alternative investment multi-management platform engaged ProDev for software development services. The partnership began with a few full-stack engineers to enhance the internal business operations platform. Over the year, the client utilized this relationship to expand application development and initiate a new directive in data management.

ProDev provided an architect and team lead to stabilize and refactor a monolithic code base managing multiple data pipelines and to retrofit an automated test framework. This increased the client’s responsiveness to changing business needs.

The collaboration has resulted in increased development capacity, greater test coverage, and faster response to business needs, supporting the client’s significant growth, including the management of new investment types, the launch of additional funds, and enhanced research/compliance functions.

Multi-national Financial Services Firm

ProDev was engaged in 2021 for software development by a multi-national financial services firm, where the focus was on a low-code credit modeling platform for banks, credit unions, and utilities.

With the help of a team that grew to 10 by 2022, we optimized model performance using advanced AI techniques within a complex regulatory environment, reducing model delivery time from 6 to 3 weeks. Adapting to client needs, we expanded our team to include a product manager and designer, with the team expected to continue growing into 2024. Capitalizing on our success, we spearheaded a new Large Language Model (LLM) AI project targeting credit education, utilizing open-source Machine Learning resources to develop custom datasets and models that outperformed ChatGPT-based models.

The client saw benefits in the form of stabilized credit modeling and risk reduction, setting new standards within the multinational firm.

Key Technologies Used

  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform
  • React
  • Spark
  • Python
  • Jupyter
  • Node.js

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