As engineers and software developers, we’re wired to build for the future. Yet, in our pursuit of innovation, we often overlook the silent saboteur of our innovation: tech debt.  Here are a few of the top areas of tech debt that the ProDev team has seen from working with hundreds of companies to deliver staff augmentation services:

  1. Code Quality and Architecture: Rushing to meet deadlines can lead to shortcuts in coding practices, resulting in messy, hard-to-maintain code. Outdated or inefficient architecture decisions can also contribute to technical debt.
  2. Testing and Quality Assurance: Insufficient or inadequate testing practices, including lack of comprehensive test coverage or reliance on manual testing rather than automated tests, can lead to tech debt as issues are discovered later in the development process.
  3. Infrastructure and DevOps: Neglecting infrastructure updates, inefficient deployment processes, or overlooking necessary improvements in the DevOps pipeline can accumulate technical debt that impacts deployment speed and reliability.
  4. Legacy Systems and Outdated Technologies: Maintaining outdated technologies or dependencies without a plan for migration or upgrade can result in accumulating technical debt as the gap widens between the existing system and newer, more efficient technologies.
  5. Security Practices: Ignoring security vulnerabilities or implementing quick fixes instead of robust security measures can lead to significant technical debt in terms of potential breaches or vulnerabilities.

These are just a handful of the issues – there are many more. And they can be unglamorous projects for engineering teams – updating and fixing can be less inspiring than innovating the next new ________________ (fill in the blank!) It’s not surprising that these critical projects often get overlooked or put on the back burner, thus creating tech debt.

These are my observations, but I’d love to learn about your tech debt challenges and how you’ve overcome them.

Again, where’s your tech debt hiding?