Staff Augmentation is a service that allows Software Development organizations to strategically add resources to fill in any velocity or skills gaps on the road to Production. Staff augmentation works best when the organization already has some software development infrastructure in place. However, this is not a requirement. 

ProDev is a software development consultancy run by engineers. So, we approached staff augmentation services as something to build. We wanted a process that is clear, keeps the control of pacing and decision making in the hands of the client, and would provide predictable and sustainable Senior resources across a variety of industries and technologies. 

The 5-Step Staff Augmentation Process

  1. Discovery Call: The journey begins with a discovery call between the client and software solutions expert to discuss engagement models and the underlying business drivers for the augmentation. Key topics include the skills and roles required, project scope, budget constraints, and any specific industry or technology expertise needed. This discussion sets the foundation for a successful collaboration by aligning expectations and goals. It is more important to us that we understand the what and why of the engagement. The how (ie the technologies) can come later.
  1. Master Services Agreement (MSA): Once the requirements are clear, the next step is to formalize the engagement through a Master Services Agreement (MSA). This legal document connects the organizations and establishes some protections like Non-Disclosure. At ProDev, this agreement does not obligate financially in any way. At this point, we are formalizing the relationship. T&M billing in arrears only happens after we launch and are adding value to the effort. 
  1. Candidate Presentation: With the MSA in place, ProDev makes introductions to named resources including an explanation of how the skills and background make for a great fit. We urge clients to run their process including interviews or technical assessments – especially early on. Once we have run this a few times with success, we can begin to save time and effort because the value and understanding is proven. We also establish a feedback loop here refining and updating understandings gained from the Discovery process as necessary. Oftentimes, the assignment grows in a “we might need also” manner.
  1. Statement of Work (SOW): When the client greenlights a resource for work, we codify the assignment with and SOW. This document establishes the start date, rate, and special deliverables that are important to document at this stage. Future assignments, extensions, or rate adjustments can be accomplished via email. That said, an SOW is an important milestone in new Staff Augmentation relationships.
  1. Launch Engagement: With a resource or a team ready to begin work, we hold (a brief) kick-off meeting. Here we make key introductions and ensure basics like credentials and meeting schedules are in place. We also take a moment to discuss a vision of success. Similarly, we ensure that other feedback channels are clear to mitigate any missteps and respond quickly. At ProDev we do not require a formal engagement duration. Therefore, we are focused on earning our positions on client development projects each day, Sprint, and release. Communication is, of course, key to those objectives.

The ProDev staff augmentation process is not unique, but it is tried and true. We believe that a structured process built on transparency and client control makes for a strong partnership and valuable development efforts. The job here is to find interesting work and connect with talented software experts – so our Staff Augmentation Process focuses on those two goals.