At ProDev, we believe we have to earn our keep every day. While many consultancies may demand a minimum engagement duration or a commitment to an engagement headcount, we pointedly do not request such terms from our clients. They are free to drop us at any time – any single resource or the whole team. Clients can also ramp the headcount up and down at will as their needs evolve. Going one step further, most of our clients qualify for arrears billing, meaning there’s no upfront payment required.

We field questions fairly frequently about this client-friendly approach. Sometimes developers who are relatively new to the team wonder about the apparent lack of security. We explain that their job security is essentially in their hands – demonstrate value, repeatedly and reliably, and the engagement could become the most stable gig they’ve seen. We’d far rather have a client base their comfort level with ProDev on results than have them feel pinched by contract terms. We’re also proud of the fact that, despite what might appear to be precarious terms, we’ve had numerous client relationships last for years and years, through a number of product evolutions and even management changes.

These clients develop a relationship with us, based on trust and performance, and that means they see good value for their spend. Of course, we have contracts in place, but those agreements are balanced and basically serve to frame the relationship, with the details left to the day-to-day, sprint-to-sprint engagement delivery, and management we hold dear.

Call us old fashioned, but we prefer this approach and feel it does the best job of affording maximum flexibility to our clients while keeping us on our toes and focused, every day, on delivery.